Pôle Energie Bretagne

The Pôle Energie Bretagne (Brittany Energy Centre) brings together Brittany’s 4 Departmental Electricity and Energy Associations:

  • the Côtes d’Armor Departmental Electricity Association (SDE22),
  • the Finistère Departmental Energies Association (SDEF),
  • the 35 Departmental Energies Association (SDE35),
  • the Morbihan Energies Association (Morbihan Energies).

PEB was formed in April 2011 under an Interdepartmental Agreement in the sense of Article L 5221-1 of the French Code Générale des Collectivités Territoriales.

Its primary aim is to focus on various strategic aspects of the public service of energy distribution and of electricity demand management (EDM).

In this role, PEB can work to pool information and means, taking responsibility for all initiatives in the following fields:

  • shared monitoring of the activities of public energy distribution license holders,
  • shared proposals for developing and improving public energy services and the quality of supply,
  • discussions on energy generation and energy management.

PEB’s statutes view it as holding a position of privileged interlocutor between local and national stakeholders affected by these issues and their ability to anticipate them.

Through its 4 Unions, PEB has excellent knowledge of Brittany’s electrical grid. It also has historical understanding of the grid and the changes it has undergone as energy demand has changed. Additionally, the Unions also operate as project managers, working on a section of the grids (new construction or repair work).

PEB’s observations during the SOLENN project and the directions taken as a result will enhance strategies for planning and working on electrical grids.