Réseau de Transport d’Electricité

RTE, Réseau de Transport d’Electricité (Electricity Transmission Network) is a service company. Our fundamental mission is to ensure that all of our customers have access to a low-cost, safe and individual electricity supply. RTE connects its customers using a tailored infrastructure and provides them with all the tools and services they need to meet their requirements, in the interests of energy efficiency, respect for the environment, and security of the energy supply.

To do this, RTE operates, maintains and develops the high- and very high-voltage network. It guarantees the smooth operation and safety of the electrical system. RTE transports electricity between all suppliers (French and European) and all consumers, whether they be electricity distributors (ERDF or the local distribution companies) or industrial players connected directly to the transmission grid.

With 100,000 km of power lines carrying between 63,000 and 400,000 volts, and 47 international power lines, the grid RTE manages is the largest in Europe. RTE employs 8,400 staff.

RTE’s role places it at the heart of smart electrical solutions for the benefit of its customers: producers, distributors, industrial players and traders. Smart electrical solutions make use of RTE’s wide-ranging expertise to achieve three essential goals:


  • Optimising the electrical system so that all aspects operate at the lowest cost at all times, regardless of difficult weather, demand or production.
  • Monitoring the security of the electricity supply, both of today and of the future, by proposing tools and mechanisms to enable adjustments in electricity production and consumption.
  • Adapting the energy transmission grid through constant innovation.

In terms of the SOLENN project, RTE plays an active role in several areas:

  • Defining power modulation algorithms,
  • Studying the project’s overall impact on the transmission grid,
  • Performing a cost-benefit analysis for the operation of the transmission grid,
  • Carrying out overall assessment and recommendations.