• Discover how the SOLENN trial works in this animation

    This animated description of the SOLENN project details the trial's major steps and the role each partner plays

  • 12 partners with complementary skills

    Enedis, Lorient Agglomération, Niji, UBS, ALOEN, the Regional Council of Brittany, RTE, PEBreizh, UFC Que Choisir 56, CSF Morbihan, Delta Dore and Vity Technology are all committed to the future of energy in Brittany

  • Local events and training to better manage energy use

    Trial participants, as responsible and committed consumers, will receive support in their role at the heart of the electricity system. Dynamic local events and fun and simple tools will help them to monitor their energy use and optimise their electricity costs.

  • Find out more: what is targeted capping?

    'Targeted capping' is a specific feature of the SOLENN trial. This innovative approach will be tested for the first time as part of the smart grid to secure its power supply. To find out what it involves, visit the 'Securing the electrical grid' page in the 'Innovative solutions' menu.


Smart Grid conference 2015: SOLENN will be there!

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SOLENN at the Ecoterritoriales Forum in Vannes

SOLENN was introduced at the Ecoterritoriales Forum on 28 and 29 April 2015 at the Chorus exhibition centre in Vannes….

Presenting SOLENN to the municipal councils of Lorient and Ploemeur

Lorient Agglomération, supported by Enedis, introduced the SOLENN trial at the municipal offices of Ploemeur and Lorient on Monday 20…