Smart Grid conference 2015: SOLENN will be there!

The 5th national Smart Grid Show will take place from 27 to 29 May 2015 at Espace Grande Arche – Paris La Défense. It will be an opportunity to introduce SOLENN to key relevant national and international players.

Actu_5Niji, Vity Technology, the Region of Brittany and ERDF will all be promoting the new smart grid in Brittany at their stands.

Alongside Lorient Agglomération and ALOEN on 28 May at 17.30 at the conference, the partners will give a talk in the conference area entitled ‘Spotlight on local authorities’ to introduce SOLENN to attendees.

Visit the Paris Smart Grid Show 2015 and attend the conference on Thursday 28 May at 17.30, room 2.

SOLENN at the Ecoterritoriales Forum in Vannes

SOLENN was introduced at the Ecoterritoriales Forum on 28 and 29 April 2015 at the Chorus exhibition centre in Vannes.

Ecoterritoriales_actu4The Ecoterritoriales Forum is a unique occasion featuring meetings and discussions with local authorities. The 7th forum focused on the energy transition.

The SOLENN trial featured at the ERDF stand (which included presentations on SOLENN, a model of a smart grid, and more).

Presenting SOLENN to the municipal councils of Lorient and Ploemeur

Lorient Agglomération, supported by ERDF, introduced the SOLENN trial at the municipal offices of Ploemeur and Lorient on Monday 20 April 2015.

During sittings of the municipal councils, elected representatives from Lorient and Ploemeur learned about the key issues of the SOLENN project and its deployment.

The presentation, which was welcomed by both municipal offices, included constructive discussions on:

  • how trial participants will be supported,
  • the implementation of local events and training,
  • the availability of tools to trial participants (equipment in their home and online training platforms).

The first key deadlines of 2015 were also introduced:

  • 5 February 2015: press conference – Official SOLENN launch,
  • from summer 2015: the first Linky smart meters are installed and trial participants are mobilised,
  • autumn 2015: the first experiments begin in relevant households, continuing until April 2017. 

Find out about the key steps in the SOLENN trial in the ‘Schedule’ section.

SOLENN in the media

Coupure de presse SOLENNFollowing the launch of the trial on 5 February 2015, it has been reported by over 40 local and national media sources, including newspapers, radio and television stations, and social media.

All coverage focused on how the trial would be run, its challenges and objectives, the deployment of the Linky pre-series and the events and training made available to consumers.

“SOLENN’s aim is to integrate home automation and digital aspects into Brittany’s energy transition” – Le Journal des Entreprises, March 2015.

“SOLENN will allow us to aggregate data to improve our local energy policies, particularly via the regional climate and energy plan (PCET),” said Jean-Paul Aucher, Lorient Agglomération’s deputy energy councillor and ALOEN Chairman, speaking to Environnement Magazine, March 2015.

“The SOLENN operation will bring together around 1000 volunteers from Lorient and Ploemeur, who will have a Linky smart meter installed in their homes from this summer […] Magazine Sciences Ouest, April 2015.

The initial media response has been positive. The SOLENN trial is still getting people talking!

5 February 2015:
Official launch of the SOLENN trial

The twelve partners of the organising consortium held a press conference in Lorient Agglomération’s council chambers to introduce SOLidarité ENergie iNnovation. It was a chance to introduce all aspects of the trial: 

  • the origins of the project,
  • SOLENN’s identity,
  • the role of the 12 partners,
  • the aims of the trial,
  • its implementation.

The conference concluded with two round tables focused on two key aspects of the project: serving consumers and regional solidarity.

Conférence de presse

Launch event for participant mobilization, 4 June, Greater Lorient

The official launch date to mobilise trial participants has been set for 4 June at the Cité de la Voile Eric Tabarly in Lorient Agglomération.

Lorient Agglomération will explain the key steps of the project in order to mobilise households from Lorient and Ploemeur to take part in the SOLENN trial.

The press, SOLENN consortium partners and relevant local authorities will take part in talks and round tables on a variety of subjects such as the region’s involvement in the project and what local work will be done.

The presentation will officially launch the campaign to mobilise participating households and will enable the SOLENN project to advance.