Securing the electicity grid

Securing the electrical grid: an important challenge


Securing the electricity supply, a key part of the Breton Electric Pact, involves several stages:

  • strengthening the electricity distribution network,
  • researching and developing smart grids and energy storage,
  • using cogeneration,
  • constructing a new traditional power plant in north-west Brittany.

An innovative response to demand for electricity supply, SOLENN is a key aspect of smart grid research and development.

ERDF rŽgion de Marseille Intervention sur le rŽseau

The trial aims to test an alternative to load shedding (targeted capping, or altering the maximum power a personal customer can draw) in the event of an incident or strain on the grid once flexible services provided by third parties operating on the electricity market have been mobilised. Consequently, the trial forms part of the strategies recommended by the French Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE).