Norbert Métairie Chairman Lorient Agglomération

Reducing energy consumption is a major challenge for Lorient Agglomération. The local authority has committed to reducing its energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020 via a number of initiatives which are already well under way.

Here are just a few examples: financial support for individuals to make their homes more energy efficient, our more general work with ALOEN as part of the Regional Climate and Energy plan such as the ‘BIEN LA’ Innovative Energy Loop, which aims to create a network of all energy sector stakeholders to promote the exchange of knowledge, and our joint work with the City of Lorient to achieve CIT’ERGIE European status.

In terms of its electricity supply, Brittany must overcome unique challenges stemming from weak local energy generation, which only accounts for just over 10% of its consumption.

Providing a secure energy supply to all inhabitants through the Breton Electric Pact, the SOLENN demonstrator project fits within a sustainable approach to the energy transition.

Today, with support from its partners, Lorient Agglomération has become a trial region, aiming to raise awareness among its inhabitants and to help them manage their energy consumption.

At a time when France is preparing to host the world climate conference, it is essential, for all of our futures, that we demonstrate our innovativeness and responsibility, providing a sustainable solution to the challenge of electricity supply.

Photo credit : ‘H. Cohonner’